I am Martin Schlösser. 


Master of Arts with distinction

NLP-Practicioner (DVNLP)

Martin is a Hamburg-based innovation and motion designer for The Shack, a creative production studio. He has extensive expertise in various facets of video production, with a particular emphasis on conceptualisation and post-production. He is consistently exploring cutting-edge technologies such as AI and the Metaverse.

Furthermore, as a lecturer at the University of Applied Science, he imparts knowledge ranging from the fundamentals of video production to advanced CGI, VFX and compositing courses. Furthermore, Martin acts as a jury member at film festivals, offering valuable support to up-and-coming filmmakers and their talents. He also delivers workshops at conferences and in companies across Europe and Asia.

Already in previous roles, he has managed teams of varying sizes and has a deep understanding of how to develop each member’s strengths.